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Ivan Ogloblin

Film&theatre composer

Ivan Ogloblin

“I have known Ivan Ogloblin, the composer, for a while now, as well as his works for feature films, documentaries, and, so to speak, independent of any formats. However, we had a chance to work together only last year, to create the play “Oedipus” by Sophocles at the Frankivsk Drama Theatre. And, as it happens quite often in our profession, when I addressed Ivan Ogloblin with a proposal to compose a musical piece, it was a situation that there was no time for ramping-up and taking a leisured decision, as the deadline was “yesterday”, as they say. Of course, it is important to be on the same page when collaborating. But, even when you have to settle on something with yourself, you need some time to tackle a huge distance from the idea to realization. When we were creating a musical piece with Ivan Ogloblin for not the easiest play of world known drama “Oedipus” by Sophocles, I can say it was this exact collaboration when everything went smoothly, quickly and has been deeply thought through and professionally realized!

I am talking about the REALIZATION by the composer of what more or less clearly mumbles the director. In this case, I was the director, and Ivan Ogloblin – a composer. In this period of uncertainty due to Covid, when all the usual decisions, formats and work plans have been shattered, Ivan Ogloblin, at that time busy with several other urgent project, apart from creating music for my, i.e., our play, was able to somehow, I have no idea how, organize an international team for this music recording, using various ethnic musical instruments, involving the professionals from all over the world! This is not only an unbelievable composition of music, but also of people! I have also been impressed by Ivan’s “deep sinking” strain, inherent in artists. It’s when an artist feels not only a right note, but rather a Harmony! For instance, a great theatrical artist, Danylo Lider, was like this. His artistic proposals could form the basis of the whole holistic solution of the play. This ability to hear not only the right note, but all the Harmony inherent in artists who, in addition to the ability of the performer, have the gift of the Creator! I see such a gift in the way Ivan Ogloblin works. With such artists you are lucky not only to expect a talented performance, cooperation with such artists, with such People, gives a happy chance of enrichment, learning, discovery! Discoveries that can be given by the unique universe of Ivan Ogloblin. His perception, his vision, his hearing! Ivan Ogloblin is much younger than me. But I am very grateful for such a cooperation as an opportunity to learn. Thank you, Ivan, for the Learning curve! And I hope to work with you again on new projects!”

Andrii Prykhodko, Director




Sound Design